Why Should I Promote Betcris?

Real time tracking system

Payments available on a monthly basis

Exclusive bonuses

Best CRM strategy

Highest player retention rate

Multiple currency payments

Best advertising materials

Customer Service

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Create an affiliate account in just minutes

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Promote your unique referral link

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Earn rewarding commissions monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Betcris Affiliates Program?

Betcris Affiliates is one of the most innovative affiliate programs in the industry today, providing our affiliates the quickest and most useful promoting tool and real time reporting system for you to star earning today.

How does it work?

Once you register, you will get access to our tracking system for you to generate campaigns and tracking links to place in your website promoting Betcris.

How do I join Betcris Affiliate Program?

Click the registration button and take a few minutes to fill in the Application Form. Read our Terms and Conditions, confirm you accept them and submit it. Your application will be reviewed and a betcris representative will contact you to set up your account and marketing goals.

How does the tracking work?

You will have access to a dashboard enhaced by graphs displaying the data sent by the tracking links provided by the platform, giving you highly detailed information on your customer performance. In the case when a customer would be on a CPA plan, the software also displays all the details of the qualification.

How reporting works?

Betcris Affiliate program offers a wide range of reports to cover the full cycle of the affiliate program:

  • Affiliate Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Fraud related reports
  • Payment Reports
  • System reports
  • Custom Reports

All reports in MyAffiliates are fully customizable

How do I get paid?

To withdraw your earnings, you simply need to fill up your payment details. Please go to payment instructions and add your player account. Once we have this information, your commission will be deducted by the end of the month and transfer to your player account. Here you will request the money using your favorite payment option depending on your country.